The soul burns bright. Again.

Yes, yes. Oh, yes. The launching of this blog is not exactly timely – let the person posting this message pretend that “being fashionably late” is some kind of an excuse and, well, move on! The exclusive, totally focused subject of this blog, Namco’s Soul Calibur IV, has been “confirmed” for more than a year now, the first solid info starting appearing in June 07. So not too late after all – especially considering that the title is still more than 9 to 12 months away – but late enough so as to have some catching up to do.

So, what is the purpose of this particular blog? Does the world really need another fanboy salivating over the newest screenshots of women dressed in precious few pieces of leather or another psycho-hardcore nerd pondering over animation frame windows and such? Well, no, the world does not need anything like that. Not really. I’ve checked, belonging to the latter category myself and knowing way too many people of the former.

This is exactly why this blog will keep its distance from the “ooohhh… we are the chosen few who get SC, the hardcore ones, the wise ones” mentality and concentrate on what matters most. In other words, on what Soul Calibur IV will have to offer to the gaming community as a whole. Because sometimes people like to read intelligent, thought-out text about their favorite subject instead of “OMG OMG OMG” gibberish. Yes, about a video game. Yes, about a fighting game.

At the end of the day, let’s face it. Soul Calibur IV is not going to be “some game”, not even “a good fighting game”. You know exactly what it is going to be, so I will not elaborate needlessly. Just get onboard, participate, discuss the posts and enjoy the ride: the road to this game’s launch promises to be paved with more than a few surprises. The first hi-def, online SC could be one of the most exciting products Namco has ever offered. And if that is not saying something, I am not sure what would. See you around!


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