Quickie: A set of new SCIV screens

Just a quick post to let people know that there is a generous amount of fresh Soul Calibur IV screenshots released. They revolve mainly around the new character revealed a while back, Hildegard, but known veterans such as Rafael, Sophitia and Astaroth all get a few poses in. The game remains in the early stages of development, which means that the graphics are quite unpolished and sport no proper lighting, shadowing and effects in many cases… but God, what a beautiful game this is going to be in a year’s time.


It is not yet clear whether these screenshots are taken from the Xbox 360 or the PS3 version of the game, although it would be hard to tell anyway if the developer’s comments in interviews so far are any indication. Should we feel the need to be… well, naughty, we’d say that due to the total lack of anti-aliasing, they should probably be PS3 screens. But hey, that would be just mean, yes? In any case, we’re just messing with PlayStation fanboys here: the stage of development is so early, that the screens could have come from either platform.


Worth noting is also the fact that all the screens released up to now are 1280×720 pixels in dimension, which means that Namco is still working on 720p for SCIV. We sincerely hope that the developers strive for 1080p or 1080i at the very least because, in 10 to 12 months time, a lot of high-profile games will be boasting FullHD graphics. Come on, Team Soul, do not leave us at the mercy of the countless Tekken fanboys, who will probably get 1080p for T6 and will certainly lose no chance to boast about it. We deserve to be the ones who get to do the boasting about beautiful graphics, don’t we?


Yes, we do. We certainly do. So keep releasing those screens, mama Namco. We want to cherish every step of the way on the road to 1080p, super sharp, high definition greatness!


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