Another Quickie: New SCIV Screens

Since the 2007 Holiday Video Game Frenzy is almost upon us and all heads will turn to the titles that will fight for everyone's money THIS Christmas, Namco is understanably keeping quiet about Soul Calibur IV, since it will probably be asking for our money (and getting it by default) sometime NEXT Christmas. Still, Team... Continue Reading →


Quickie: A set of new SCIV screens

Just a quick post to let people know that there is a generous amount of fresh Soul Calibur IV screenshots released. They revolve mainly around the new character revealed a while back, Hildegard, but known veterans such as Rafael, Sophitia and Astaroth all get a few poses in. The game remains in the early stages... Continue Reading →

The soul burns bright. Again.

Yes, yes. Oh, yes. The launching of this blog is not exactly timely - let the person posting this message pretend that "being fashionably late" is some kind of an excuse and, well, move on! The exclusive, totally focused subject of this blog, Namco's Soul Calibur IV, has been "confirmed" for more than a year... Continue Reading →

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