I. What we know

This section of the blog follows closely the information that Namco gradually makes known about SCIV. This is gathered mainly through interviews and features from all around the Web that deal with the next Soul Calibur, as well as every official Namco press release. It is, in other words, this is confirmed information that should be taken for granted to be true (the things we speculate about are safely tucked away in this page). All the known information is presented in the form of questions and answers for easier reference and/or additions and changes. Enjoy!

What is the official name of the title?
It is just as we use it constantly in this blog, so… yes. It’s Soul Calibur IV. And no, cheeky subtitles like “Astaroth’s Revenge” or “Taki’s Return” do not apply, to our best knowledge.

Which home formats is it going to be released for?
It is going to be released for Sony PlayStation3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. A coin-op release is not yet confirmed but if Namco does indeed create an arcade board based on the PS3 hardware, then an arcade version is highly probable.

When is it scheduled to arrive in the shops?
Namco has not yet an exact release date for Soul Calibur IV, other than the rather vague “sometime in 2008”. That date would depend on factors such as the time frame Namco picks for Tekken 6 to be released or the online elements of SCIV to be finalized (mainly on Sony’s version). If we had to guess, we’d say the title is not likely to arrive before summer 2008. At least this time around we will probably not have to wait for procedures like localization: the Japanese release will be followed quite closely by the American and European one, since SCIV is hi-def and the voice-overs are done in parallel in English and Japanese.

Which of the series’ characters will be returning for Soul Calibur IV?
We fully expect most, if not all, of the well-known fighters of previous versions of the SC franchise to return for their first next-gen appearance. In SCIV director’s own words: “We realize that many gamers have their own favorite characters and we do not want to disappoint anyone”. This practically guarantees the return of all the usual suspects and even makes the reappearance of cult characters (like Lizardman for instance) a definite possibility. The characters that are definitely back, based on Namco’s information and the screenshots so far released, are the following:

Cassandra and

Will there be any new characters in the SCIV roster?
Yes, there will be at least two or even three characters that have never appeared before in the story arc of SC titles. This is based mainly on Namco’s tradition in every new Soul Calibur installment, as well as the developer’s admission that “additions to the usual roster will be revealed on a later date”.

At least one new character, in fact, has already been confirmed. She is called Hildegard Von Krone and one can find quite a few bits of information about her right here.


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